Positron Telecommunications was formed in January 2008 and has slowly made its mark in the VOIP market. It was mainly created to design and develop the latest VOIP equipments for business enterprises and other communication service providers. Since then it has become the best VOIP company that offers high performance and good quality services to their clients and customers.On 15th May 2009, Positron released its new product known as V-114 PCI adapter that will work with Linux systems having the Asterisk software. Visit us at askterisk pbx. This product offers the best voip solutions that help integrate Linux, Asterisk and other telephony ports on a single PCI adapter. This adapter is very easy to install and works with any operating system.Mr. Richard McGravie, the President of Positron in a recent press conference stated that V-114 PCI is the first series that has been introduced in the series of PCI adapters. These adapters will provide a tough competition for the entire traditional telephony market in the world. He further commented that they are the best VOIP company that offers easy and simple configuration which can be easily installed with any operating systems.Many of the traditional telephony companies offer telephony interfaces that come with complicated drivers. These drivers are not compatible with all operating systems and often come with complex installation processes. The V-114 PCI adapter is the best voip solutions that make operating systems independent without any additional drivers. Mr. McGravie also told that application developers can now focus more on SIP based telephony services that are creating a lot of hype in the VOIP market nowadays. This is possible because of the Ethernet interface that is built into the PCI cards and routers of their company. This best VOIP company  focuses its services on SIP, VOIP and PBX technologies.This new product introduced by Positron offers the best PBX functions in a PCI card in turn allowing users to expand their Cisco managers and other PBX solutions in a cost effective manner. This is possible by the superb features that come with this package. Some of its features are:
Added Phone Extensions
  Voicemail Conversion to Email
  Video Integration
  Connecting mobile phone to make long distance calls through PBX at affordable rates.

All these features make this the best voip solutions for business enterprise since this service allows them to cut down on their operation costs and also increase their productivity. This service is also compatible with Microsoft Office Communication Server and the Exchanger Server 2007 edition.    More details at this weblink.       

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