Today, every business needs a reliable web hosting company in order to stay competitive. Colocation is a hosting solution for businesses who want all of the features of a large IT enterprise but without the high costs. With Colocation hosting, a business can put their physical sever machine in a data center in another person's rack and use their bandwidth as their own. Details at cheap manchester colocation The machine is taken or sent to the colocation provider and installed in the provider's rack, or a server machine is rented from the colocation provider. The hosting company provides the power, IP, and bandwidth. Once a server is deployed, the business can access their website on a hosting provider.With colocation hosting, the customer pays for the physical space that their server takes up in the data center facility. As well, customers select the hardware configuration and the software that will be installed on the server. The hosting company maintains internet connectivity and security of the database facility such as air-conditioning, uninterrupted power supplies, fire controls, and physical security protection.Though paravirtualization technology, server infrastructure that includes the database is duplicated over multiple virtual servers allowing for efficient data backup if one server fails. Databases can be upgraded individually on a node without affecting the other nodes which eliminates server downtime. As well, if one node on the server degrades, the data can instantly migrate to another node preventing loss of data while maintaining high availability.There are many benefits to using colocation hosting such as: dynamic scalability, flexible resource allocation, high performance, and plenty of available bandwidth for instances of increased traffic flow.  As well, this method of hosting provides optimum flexibility as the business can choose their preferred hardware configuration and software that will be installed. Colocation facilities are designed to provide the best and most secure environment to host business servers.  Risk mitigation and disaster recovery are key features of state-of-the-art data centers as they offer environmental controls, physical security, generator backup, redundant power, and a completely redundant high capacity network. Client's data remains safe and secure.Colocation hosting is a cost-efficient method of hosting a website. Customers pay for only the amount of space they require.  Full Cabinet Colocation is ideal for businesses needing the data center space to accommodate multiple servers. As well, the customer will have the benefit of 24/7/365 physical access. Many colocation hosting providers offer a service where they will manage and maintain a client's server which is an effective solution if the company does not have the IT team to manage and maintain the server.Colocation hosting is the perfect solution for a company that is seeking to develop an effective online presence but do not want to manage all of the network tasks. Colocation is an efficient IT enterprise investment as it allows businesses to safely host their servers and equipment as well as helping business improve service levels, reduce capital costs, and focus on core business operations. For businesses of all sizes, Colocation Hosting is one type of hosting that is definitely worth considering.  Click here for additional details.         

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