A portable backdrop is an investment that instantly change the look and value of your magic show. Unlike buying a new magic trick, which only lasts for a few moments during your shows, a portable backdrop is in view the entire show.There are many different type of magic show backdrops available today. This article gives an overview of the five most popular portable magic show backdrops and offers a description of each. Details available at cheap trade show backdrop. When choosing a backdrop for your magic show, be sure to consider the average size of the venue you will be working in, whether you will need multiple backdrops to accommodate various performing conditions, and how much time you will want to devote to setting up the backdrop at each performance.Jet Set StyleFor years, the most popular portable backdrops for magicians have been the "Jet Set" style backdrops that are sold in magic catalogs. "Jet Set" backdrops are economical and portable, but require you to sew a curtain to hang on the frame. They are also the smallest of any portable magic show backdrop, at a mere 6 feet x 6 feet. "Jet Set" backdrops can be easily set-up and carried by one person, and their small size make them a good choice for birthday party magicians.Pipe and DrapePipe and drape style backdrops are not only used in magic shows, but also in trade show venues and banquet centers to create quick portable dividers in rooms, etc. These backdrops consist of long aluminum upright poles that lock into heavy metal bases. Cross bars for hanging curtains are then attached between the uprights. This style backdrop is great for covering a large back wall or creating a large performance space. Pipe and drape backdrops require a minimum of two people to set-up and can be cumbersome to travel with.Self Contained Fabric DrapeIn recent years there have been manufactures offering custom sewn fabric backdrop drapes for magicians that are attached to wooden or PVC frames. These magic show backdrops have the look of a lush theatrical curtain, and set-up quickly. Available in a variety of sizes, these backdrops can usually be set-up by a single entertainer.Self contained fabric drape backdrops can be built with a variety of fabric colors and textures to create different looks for different style performances.Self-Contained, Spider BackdropsThe "Rolls Royce" of magic show backdrops is the self-contained Spider (also commonly known as Spyder) backdrops. The Spider use expanding aluminum frames that create backdrops that are 8 feet high by 10 feet wide, but then collapse down to the size of a duffel bag for easy travel. The Spider can accommodate fabric curtains or metallic curtains.Full Color Graphic Portable BackdropsThe most modern solution for magic shows combine the self-contained collapsing aluminum frame that makes the Spider backdrops popular, with bold full color printed fabric graphics. The graphic curtain stays attached to the Spider frame for instant set-up by one person. The fabric printing technology allows for unlimited curtain designs and give a much more modern look than traditional curtain drape backdrops.This style of magic show backdrop has been offered in mass marketed designs, such as the popular "Brick Wall in a Bag". New manufactures, are beginning to offer a wider variety of designs and graphics, to allow you to choose a unique look for your show.Another major advantage of this style backdrop for magic shows, is that you can quickly change the curtain design on the frame. This allows you to have several different backdrop designs, without having to purchase additional aluminum backdrop frames. The ability to quickly change the look of your show by switching backdrop curtains is very valuable to professional entertainers who offer different shows for different types of clients.The full color printed fabric backdrop curtains can also be easily customized, with the ability to add your logo or unique graphic design to your backdrop. Have a customized backdrop ensures that your magic show and promotional photos of your show will stand out from your competition.      Find more at this web address.     

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