Many of us would certainly want to raise our children properly. But it is not that simple. Take a look around you; there are parents who successfully raise their kids to be well-adjusted and responsible children, while there are some who raise disturbed and spoiled children. It may even occur to some that child rearing is just a customary job a parent should do.  Some treat it with great importance and the bigger half treats it unjustifiably.Child rearing seems so hard in this generation because of multiple reasons. More at child rearing. One of the reasons is the destruction of marriage, either people get married and simply divorce on the next day or they don't even enter the covenant of marriage. In these cases, most parents are raising their kids single-handedly which greatly affects their attitudes.  Most often than not, single parents put their kids on day care facilities or hire a nanny to take care of them. Parents would still be different from a nanny - how good she may be- or to a paid attendant on a day care service. Child rearing requires both parents to provide for their kids needs such as physiological, emotional, psychological and moral. Having both parents to raise a child is so important on a child life. Studies show that children who did not live with both parents are more likely to get captivated with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. What one should do is, to stay married to the person with whom we had the children and personally take good care of our children. Do not let other people do our responsibilities to them.Another reason, both parents are career oriented than family oriented. Severe economic condition, push parents to work harder for their families. They focus on making money than building quality time with their children. Child rearing is the act of parents to nurture their children by not only giving their physiological needs but to guide them about life. It is impossible for a parent to guide his kids without his presence. More and more parents are striving to earn more money as they could that leads to more children being left on their own. Parents are greatly concern more on their personal needs and overlooked the needs of their children. Peer pressure comes as early as seven to eight years of child age. A child, with both parents on her side, can be properly taught moral values at an early age. She will be strong enough not to get influence by school or peers. Certainly, parents can have the greatest influence on their children if they choose to. If you want to make child rearing successful, stay with your children on their early age to set good foundation.Child rearing may be that hard to others, but knowing a better half succeeds means you can choose which side you're on. Parents must bear in their mind to give their best on their children and be rewarded in the end. The greatest responsibility we can have in this life is to become loving and wise parents.  Details on our website.         

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