Although there are many colleges and universities in the United States, the majority of the American population does not have a college degree. Find more at college graduate. Therefore, graduating college is one of the most exciting and most rewarding milestones. If you know anyone who is going to be graduating college this year, there are gifts you could give them to congratulate them on their accomplishment.A great gift for the young urban professional is a badge reel. This is a very practical gift. Although it might seem bland, you can actually shop around and find fashionable badge reels in different shapes and colors. You can purchase them in the graduate's favorite color or shape, such as a heart. Why a badge reel? For security purposes, many employers require their workers to wear ID badge holders with photo ID cards or a simple name tag. These ID cards usually double as swipe cards for employees to use when they clock in and out of work. ID badge holders are usually provided by the employer, but badge reels are not. Other than a working professional in a business office, other new graduates with jobs lined up who could use badge reels are nurses and doctors.College graduates would appreciate gas cards as well, especially if the commute to their new job will require a lot of money to fill their gas tanks. If they have yet to find a job, a gas card could help them get to and from job interviews so that they do not have to stress about how they will be able to get to the office of a prospective employer. Most recent college graduates might not admit it, but they are most likely still living on a college student's budget, so a gas card could actually be a life savior. With gas prices at a high cost, consider getting a gas card that would be able to cover their commute for a few days, or even a week or two. Find out how long their commute might be, and buy a gas card in accordance with the number of miles they must travel.Another thoughtful gift is a gift card for a day at the salon or spa, or a gift card to the barber shop in order for the male college graduate to receive a free haircut. The female college graduate would appreciate a day at the salon or spa in order to get ready for a pending job interview, or for her first day at her new job.Graduating college should be celebrated and commemorated the right way. What college graduates need the most are practical gifts. Although it would be cute for them to receive a stuffed bear wearing a graduation cap and gown, it would not be very useful (unless he or she secretly still needs a stuffed animal to fall asleep at night!). If you plan on giving a gift to a college graduate, think about ways the gift could possibly help them with their new job, or help them prepare for an interview with a potential employer.  Details on our website.         

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