Coming in at slightly less than 100 pages Rodale's Compost is a "black gold" mine of information on composting.Rodale's Compost is organized as six chapters. Check out compost bin reviews. It covers topics ranging from  the basics all the way up to of commercial compost.It opens with a chapter on the reasons for composting, and its benefits for your garden and the overall ecosystem.Chapter 2 is a review of composting tools and supplies  It recommends seven basic tools for the gardener for composting. After reviewing the types of composting piles and containers, it notes  a few of the advantages of the different types.  Also covered are some unusual techniques for gathering waste materials that are broken out by region of the country.The next chapter goes into a review of the how compost is made.  From this they introduce techniques which are useful for improving the speed and efficiency of your composting.  This includes a look at the creatures that may inhabit your bin, and their individual roles in breaking down your waste materials.Chapter 4 gives the basic process for making compost, including a good list of things to not try composting. This chapter discusses the carbon to nitrogen ratio charts that can be the bane of some gardeners, and includes a sample chart.  But it's presented in a clear and understandable way that helps get the makeup of your waste pile right for rapid composting.  There is a section on troubleshooting problems that may be seen in a compost pile as well.The next chapter details ways to use compost  After determining that it is properly finished, they go into how and when to sift it, and basic spreading and application techniques.The final chapter has an overview of commercially available compost, with recommendations on what to look for and especially those things that gardeners should avoid when buying compost.The final section of the book has a seasonal guide to composting, with a comprehensive glossary, along with a list of recommended reading and web sites as well.If there were one area that I would like to have seen improved, is would be to have a more comprehensive review of some of the more popular compost bins and tumblers.  Visit this webpage for details.

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