When the iPhone came out, people rushed to buy them.  They wanted more than a phone.  They wanted to be one of the first to own the coolest, hippest new product out there.Software companies knew there was a huge new market to be tapped...iPhone owners who wanted to make use of all the new features Apple had put into their latest product.  As a result, these software companies jumped on the "convert to iPhone" bandwagon.One of the many great features of the Apple iPhone is the ability to watch audio/video on your phone.  More at dvdrip. You can watch movies, YouTube clips, music videos, and the like.  But what about watching DVDs?   Yup...with the right conversion software you can convert DVDs to an iPhone-compatible format and watch your favorite DVD or one you just rented and converted whenever and wherever you want!Because DVDs do not come in an iPhone-friendly format, you will need to convert them, using your Mac or PC and specialized software.  Be aware, though, that while you can get free iPhone conversion software, much of it i s not very good.  (You DO want the audio and video to match up, don't you?)You also want to be able to convert clips, not the whole DVD, if that is what you are after, and have both the video and audio be of high quality.The first step, obviously, is to choose the DVD you want to convert.  You can either copy it to your hard drive or simply insert it into your DVD drive.  Then, using specialized iPhone conversion software, you simply import and convert the DVD files, which are in MPEG-2 and VOB file formats into one of the formats that iPhone can play back, such as MP4 and H.264, remembering to convert both the video and audio files, which are in "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS" folders.   You can also use the conversion software to edit the DVD files should you want to import only a portion to your iPhone.Finally, using the iTunes free software from Apple, you create a playlist, then connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB 2.0 connector, and sync the content.  Voila!  Your DVD is now on your iPhone ready for you to watch whenever you want.  More details on this link.         

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