You've announced to each other that the relationship has ended and you have said goodbye. A few days later the hurt still hasn't faded a bit and all you can think about is your ex-partner, what they're up to and who they are with. You decide that you don't want to let go of your bf/gf and that you want them back. What should you do? Check out how to make your ex want you back. The immediate answer to this question is: Nothing at all.Making clear, well weighted decisions while you are hurting and feeling down is not something that comes naturally. You let this whole relationship thing slide for a few weeks until you get a chance to clear your mind and then draw up a plan of action. Remember that you must allow yourself to feel hurt and feel down. If you suppress those feelings, they will surface eventually and perhaps at a time when you least expect it.A lot of people who want their ex back go into this self-pity mode where they basically submit to the person who actually ended the relationship. The result of this behavior is the pleading, begging and displaying neediness to the other ex. This theater of emotions has the exact opposite effect on the person you are trying to get back with. While it might seem like they're starting to develop feelings for you again, this is a result of compassion and pity not of genuine love or lust. In these cases the other person starts to feel like your parent and the more you beg and plead, the more you will be perceived as the obnoxious toddler screaming to get that candy bar in the store.Initiate contactThe initial step to getting your ex back should be getting over what once was. Don't stick to the past waiting for miracles to happen because they won't. You need to demonstrate that you are an open minded and confident individual, someone who is not going to draw himself back from existence because of a minor setback in life. Be active, go out and enjoy yourself, hang around with friends and make some new ones. This will boost your confidence level and give you a positive mindset that will make your ex to not only appreciate you more, but also want them to get back together with you.During the first encounter after the break-up, you will want to show your ex that you are still the person he/she fell in love with in the first place. This is something you want to demonstrate to them, not tell them. Listen to what they say and respond to it, don't just nod your head and switch over to some subject that matters to you. Showing that you don't care will push them away even more and this time you won't be able to repair the damage.Don't tell the ex that you miss them since neither of you should have the "upper hand" in the process, equal is best. Flirting is a big no-no since you are now officially "friends" and putting pressure on each other to deal with innuendos might work against you.A positive mindset is really important in a situation like this. People have this miraculous ability to pick up on each other's energy and even if this ability works better for women, men also have it. If you are sitting there, just chitchatting with your ex but inside thinking "this'll never work", be sure that it won't because you have a negative mindset and this can be perceived through your posture, conversation and the tonality of your voice without you even being aware of it.Ask yourself: Can I contribute to this relationship and make it work? Have I changed? Am I a better person than I was when we broke up? If you can answer yes to these questions then you should have very little difficulty conveying this to your ex-partner through your non-verbal communication, your posture and behavior.FinallyIf you personally were the main reason for your break-up, don't be shy to apologize and admit your fault. Pride will make your ego grow but won't keep you warm at night. Even if your ex-partner is partially responsible for the trouble that caused you to grow apart, don't try to put the blame on them, avoid the classic mistake people make "I am sorry but..." this will significantly reduce the sincerity of your apologize. Remember, you can only apologize for yourself, not for anyone else. It wouldn't be wise to have any expectation regarding the other person.If your strategy works and you do get back together, have a long and calm conversation about what exactly didn't work previously. This will make sure that you won't repeat your mistakes and waste time investing in a bond that won't work out in the end.Good luck!   Visit this webpage for more.       

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