Welcome to the first in a long, arduous  journey ahead, our signature post, the Brew of the Week!  Every week I'll review and feature a different beer, talk about about it's flavors, what makes it unique, give it a grade and give a little insight into its creator.There's one thing you probably come to know about my taste in beer is I have a soft spot in my heart for those tasty little hops.  Visit More Info for details. When visiting a new craft brewery, I'm usually tempted to head for the Ale's right out of the gate, as I thoroughly enjoy the crispness of the hoppier beers.   So, jumping right to it, this week's Brew of the Week  is a delightful wheat ale: Bell's Oberon Ale. The brewery: Bell's Brewery are one of the larger micro-brewers in the US. Based out of Kalamazoo, MI they specialize in clean flavors and a selection of excellent ales; Oberon is no exception.The brew: Oberon is a wheat beer. A light colored, summer ale with that tanginess often associated with other wheat beers such as a  Blue Moon or a Hoegaarden.  Bell's version features some significant spice and citrus notes, with a mild fruity aroma.   It weighs in at 5.8% ABV so not the strongest beer you'll come across but it it has a rather high alcohol content for a wheat beer, so it's not one to be drunk in bunches, but I think it's the perfect brew for the preseason.  As many beers this one is best enjoyed on tap, but doesn't lose too much out of the bottle.  The flavor is rather light and subtle, yet has surprising substance.  Coupled with a light body it makes for an excellent session beer.Cost: Roughly $8-9 per 6-pack depending on geographical location.Where to find: Oberon is regularly stocked at most grocery stores that have a decent beer selection generally throughout the summer months.Bell's Oberon is a wheat ale fermented with Bell's signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. The addition of wheat malt lends a smooth mouthfeel, making it a classic summer beer.Available Packages:  Bottle, draft, and 5 liter (1.32 gal.) mini-kegThe 10 Point Breakdown:  look: 8 | smell: 6| taste: 6| feel: 7 | drink: 8Overall Brew of the Week Grade:  B-
Feel free to leave you opinions, grades, and experiences with Bell's Oberon in the comment section!    Click here for more.       

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