For a 21 year old, life may consist of parties, parties, friends and more parties. Isn't life simple? Nothing seems to trouble our mind except for a few assignments here and there and also studying! However, with friends everything seems to fall into places. No matter how hard we go through college routine, we'd be sure to party even harder!Our forefathers may envy us for our audacious blood. Why we've tried it all; partying in dormitories, compounds of the college or public spaces. Clubs? Too boring! More details at party furniture. No sense of thrill at all. We love the thought of being a little annoying and fleeing away from irritated authorities.However, my personal favorite party spot is none other than in a garden lawn. I know it is quite contradicting as a garden may seem a place which is quite ordinary to have a party. People have set up wedding garden parties. The garden has also been used for a children birthday bash. As these children grow older, they tend to think that it is no longer cool to have a blast your friends in the comfort of your home. Therefore, you begin to seek out clubs and bars where you have to part with your cash for drinks that are purposely marked up. Yes, you may meet plenty of hot girls and guys and get on third base that night but it only serves for that one sole purpose only. If you decide to have a reunion or a gathering at such places, no one would be able to listen what the other is talking. Some may scurried to hook the hottest girl while some may meet up with their clubbing mates.A garden party is completely different. For one, you have the choice to set the mood of the party. Bars only have loud and at times, very irritating house music. If only a group of close friends are visiting for an afternoon tea, some classics from Mozart or Chopin would do fine. There is also no problem with having a kick ass party. With spiked punch and great remixes blasting from your in house theater system, people from the next neighborhood may even want to have a piece of the action.The first thing that you should have on your garden before you start planning for parties and events are furniture. Garden furniture are not cheap but still, don't go wasting money on the ones that costs less but aren't sturdy enough for the outdoor. There are many designs and styles to choose from such as plastic sofas and iron chairs and tables. However, choose stylish furniture so that your patio will look great and chic.My recommendation for patio furniture is teak. Not only has it been in the patio business for quite some time, it is also known for its robustness, inexpensive luxury look and good quality. Not only that, you can find almost anything made from teak. Chairs, tables, lounges and even umbrella stand. When you choose teak, you can guarantee that the furniture will not change from its original shape or even have repulsive potholes appearing after a few usages.Apart from teak, wicker patio furniture is quite famous too. This light but very durable material is known for its long usage. The rattan and wood skins brings your whole garden into a different dimension. Instead of just another lawn, you will have a sense that you are on vacation to a beach resort. This small fragment of paradise is captured by the exterior of these furniture as it represents one of the most commonly used materials on exotic getaways spots like a tropical island or an unspoiled beach. Apart from that, wicker patio furniture is good for your wallet too. It is relatively affordable and cheaper than any kinds of patio furniture.During a party, we yearn for comfort. By tossing in some patio furniture cushions, your party would be nearly complete. Please ensure that the cushions are washed before your party! I would not want to sit on a cushion that has cats urine spilled all over. I come to the party smelling like a celebrity. I certainly do not want to go back smelling like a cat had just peed on me.A garden party during autumn and winter is impossible. It is the other way round if you invest in some patio heaters. Most of them are battery operated and this will allow your guests to walk around without tripping over dangerous cables and wires. It definitely would not turn a winter's night into a summer's day, but by raising a few degrees, you can actually enjoy your garden in a cozy manner.After all these, you can now scout for the perfect drinks and music to get the right mood for the party.    Click here for more details.       

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