Ever have one of those days, or even a number of days where you just don't feel right?  Where your energy levels are low, you can't seem to get it together, and you just feel down and out altogether.It's not hard to see why days like this occur.  Busy lifestyles play a huge role in it, which brings about some extreme fatigue.  As well, our bodies suffer from a constant attack by little mutations in our body called free radicals.  Free radicals are a byproduct of your bodies natural process - metabolically - which basically damage and mutate your bodies healthy cells.  Check out personal trainers denver. This has a detrimental affect on your health, essentially being the leading factor that breaks your body down; in fact free radicals are one of the primary reasons that we age.Some of the major symptoms of having free radicals in our body are such things as fatigue and overall low energy, muscle cramps, and muscle soreness.  One of the leading factors of producing free radicals in our bodies believe it or not is working out, or even more so weight training.  Cardio does have an effect but essentially the more torn muscle that occurs in a workout the more your body needs to heal, which is a chief factor of producing free radicals.  It is a bit ironic that what's good for you can also hurt you but it's absolutely true.What's worse is that it's now well accepted that having free radicals in our bodies leads to such chronic illnesses as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimers Disease, and even arthritis.Having free radicals running rampantly in our bodies is a constant danger for us, and so we must counter act their effects with what are known as antioxidants.  A quick example of antioxidants is vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  Basically these types of vitamins and others that we'll talk about in a minute are free radical scavengers.  They go through your body in your bloodstream and do away with the free radicalsOf course it's not always easy to get a sufficient amount of antioxidants in your bloodstream simply by eating the foods that contain them.  This is due for the fact that we have less time as humans these days, so our food often is eaten on the run, and therefore we basically eat junk food because of the convenience.  Besides that, even when we do eat food that's nutritious for us, getting the combination of foods that will have the highest effect is that simple - plus add the fact that the fruits and vegetables that we consume these days don't contain the same amount of nutrients that they used to because of depleted and overused soil.Add up all of these factors and there's really only one way to get past the damage of free radicals and that is to use a supercharged supplement that contains everything you need your diet in order to attack the free radicals.One superior supplement is a specially formulated product called FRS (Free Radical Scavenger) created by a company named appropriately the FRS Company.  The product was actually developed by a man named Thomas Lines, a European Entrepreneur who was fascinated - and studied endlessly - the effects and benefits of flavonoid antioxidants.  He put over 7 years of research into the product and launched it in 1997.  FRS is now one of the favorite health products of athletes worldwide, most notably Lance Armstrong, the company spokesman.FRS actually started out as a health drink, but has now gone on to introduce an even easier to use product; FRS Soft Chews.  These have exactly the same beneficial ingredients as the drink with the same exceptionally great flavor.The ingredients includes 300mg's of supercharged powerful flavonoids that are basically just super antioxidants, including the potent Quercetin, an antioxidant found in dark pigmented fruits such as blue berries, red onions, red apples, and even cocoa.  This antioxidant is also known to be a mood enhancer, a natural antihistamine, and a natural anti inflammatory.Another key ingredient in FRS Chews is the antioxidant Green Tea Catechins.  These are the antioxidants extracted from Green Tea, hence the name.  These are found to be 100 times as potent as Vitamin C and fight against DNA damage.FRS contains 100% of the essential B vitamins; B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, plus Vitamin C and E.  All in all, the ingredients of FRS has been clinically studied and researched, and found to be very potent in fighting the affects of disease, after work out body stress and breakdown, as well as fight fatigue.To be blunt, you drastically need everything that FRS has to offer in order to have perfect optimal health, much more-so than you probably think you do.  The effects of FRS don't take long at all to notice, in fact many people notice the effects in a matter of a couple of days, and with the FRS chews you can carry them around with you and take them at your convenience.You'll be doing yourself a huge favor by taking FRS chews everywhere you go from now on.    Details on our webpage under this link.       

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