Not every homeowner wants to purchase brand new furniture, appliances and other decorative items for their abode. Whether relocating to a new house, apartment or condominium, there are some people who just don't want to spend so much on their household items. So where do they search for their stuff to use? More at San Clemente Self Storage. There are many places they can go to. Firstly, there are the flea markets. Here, you will find all sorts of items including used furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils, linen, decors, art pieces and even antiques. What's great here is you can haggle for the prices from the owners themselves. Certain areas accommodate flea markets on a regular basis while some have this on specific schedules only so you'll have to check out your local newspapers and magazines wherein these are normally announced.The yard sale or garage sale is another venue to shop for household items. This is usually held at the front yard of a home or at a wider area such as a community center if all the stuff for sale could not be displayed at a residential area. Homeowners can do this on their own or they can get the help of some reality TV home makeover shows that do cleanups of cluttered houses. The family members can decide on the prices of their personal belongings but they should also be prepared to lower them when interested buyers haggle for a lower rate.A third venue to check out for useful home stuff including rare decors, art works and antiques is the self storage auction. This one is normally held at the facility specifically at the unit where the items are stored. The self storage facility decides on holding this auction and the schedule after confirming the failure of the renter to pay his dues for several months.Schedule of auctions are advertised as a public notice in local papers or over the radio and TV. Some websites also promote this activity covering hundreds of self storage providers. They make it easy for people to search for locations where these auctions take place including the date, time and contact numbers.Operators have observed an increasing number of attendees during these auctions. They can be people looking for items to use at home or business-minded people who are in search of useful stuff which they can resell for a profit. The airing of TV shows in the U.S. such as the Storage Wars and Auction Hunters have been credited for the rise in people flocking to these lien and cash-only sales.Regardless of the procedure done during these auctions, people still want to be part of it in the hope of finding some rare treasures. Operators do not usually show the contents of the boxes inside the self storage unit. Interested bidders just have to go with their instinct because after the unit is opened, they can only use their flashlight and their eyes to take a peek of what's in there.According to U.S. statistics, nearly one in every 10 homes use self storage. Some 50,000 self storage facilities are in place in the country and the industry is now worth $22 billion.   Click here for details on our website.        

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