With the number of Facebook users in the world, it is only fitting that businesses of any size take advantage of it. It has very friendly tools for small businesses too. Any business can create a page for free. Although there are paid packages, you might want to start with familiarizing on how to use the tools found in the page. The following will help you use the site to your advantage.       The cover and the profile photo:    More at small business marketing consultant.

  The cover photo was recently introduced to the users of the site. This is the image you see on the upper part of a profile or page as soon as you load it. Take advantage of this feature. You can use this in many ways. You can use this to post your promos or special announcement. This is also a great space for your banner or logo. This is would be a perfect area where you can introduce your business to your potential customers.       Choose a good photo for the profile picture of your page as well. It could be your best seller, your latest product or a photo of a popular personality wearing or showing your product. Most would also use their logo as their profile picture.       What to post?      Attracting page likers is one thing, keeping them is another. Bear in mind that it is very easy for the users to hide, or even dislike your page. This is why you have to be careful of what you post. There are many posts that will keep your page fans interested. They like to win freebies. Since this is the case, you can come up with interesting contest and games that will even invite more users to your page.       Do no spam, ever. Users are tired of spam. Even a single post suggesting such will cost you several fans disliking the page. Instead of unwelcome message forcing users to like or share a page, post some interesting and helpful information videos and trivia. Many are also attracted to meaningful and fun thoughts.       How often to update?      Time your updates carefully. A couple of updates at a time is good. Make sure that your updates are relevant to. Often, users do not mind reading a lot of posts from you especially if they find the posts useful.       Facebook is a great tool for many small businesses. Use it wisely and you will surely benefit from its wonderful features.     Check out this link for details

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