While most business owners dread the coming months, leaders of the signs of self-storage life rather see no pink. "In three  years, the sector in France is expected to generate a turnover of 160 million euros against 120 million today," said  Anne-Catherine Péchinot, Speaker of the House of interprofessional self-storage and CEO of Homebox, a major player  in the market.      For three years, it is buzzing. While the Hexagon were barely 130 landfills in 2008, today they number 250, including  twenty opened in 2011. And it is only the beginning. From 2012, 25 centers are expected to open every year.  homebox    Visit us at storage units San Clemente.

  Storehouse for individuals, storage place for business ... customers of this concept imported from the United States in  the early 90s are becoming more numerous. The formula is simple: centers with hundreds of boxes 1 to 50 square meters where  customers can access 24h/24, in full autonomy, to load and unload their belongings.      Three major players compete in the market in France. The most powerful, Shurgard, 56 control centers. This subsidiary of  Public Storage, listed on Wall Street and world leader in the industry with 2200 sites, achieved a turnover of 34.8 million  euros in 2010. An extra room it sticks to the skirts. Only located in Ile-de-France, the UK subsidiary of Safestore has  made 26.2 million euros in turnover, with 24 centers. Last truck, Homebox, A subsidiary of the G7. The company has 66  centers and made 24 million euros in turnover in 2011. Not to mention their challengers, Annexx (11 centers) and Interbox,  which brings together 24 independent.  "The French market is largely underdeveloped compared to the UK."      All have a boulevard in front of them to believe Anne-Catherine Péchinot. "The French market is largely underdeveloped  compared to the UK," she says. Britain has 800 storage centers or 1 per 70 000 inhabitants, against 1 per 200 000  population in France. "There is room for 700 centers in France," she says.      To conquer this market, these signs are implementing different strategies. Homebox leads a brisk development with 10  openings per year. "We would have 100 branches in 2014," explains Anne-Catherine Péchinot. To facilitate this deployment,  the CEO of Homebox can count on an investment of 22 million euros from G7 in 2012 and nothing on the franchise. If this  rate was supported Opening lose 2 million to the company in 2011, the other networks show excellent results.      In FY 2010, an extra room has achieved a net profit of 6.9 million. Shurgard poster for his share of 13.88 million euros  in profits. Shurgard but develops only through acquisition of existing chains and a extra room that opens its own centers,  so in dribs and drabs.  The activity that storage is proving very profitable: between 20 and 40%.      As opening a center is a significant investment. "When it is the building owner, a franchisee must invest an average of  700,000 euros for storage into a hotel," said Anne-Catherine Péchinot. But the investor does not have a priori reason to  regret. Because activity that storage is proving very profitable: between 20 and 40% from the results of the companies we  have access to the accounts. "On average, one site is profitable after three years," says Anne-Catherine Péchinot.  Otherwise, the net return on equity is attractive in itself: 18.6% for Shurgard in 2010 and 27.7% for One Piece and more  over the same period.      Only requirement to achieve these outcomes: success in maintaining a high fill level. The top names from the industry rates  of filling between 85 and 91% on average. A pretty amazing feat when you consider that the market suffers a very high  inertia. "It takes so long to fill that empty center," said Anne-Catherine Péchinot. One third of the month-long vacation,  another third on short periods of 3 to 12 months and last for periods longer than one year. Managing a center is therefore  a work of craftsmanship logistician. To maintain a high level of fill, industry professionals will décarcassent to attract  customers. Homebox may have found the martingale developing an offering dedicated to professionals, 40% of its customers.  Well seen: in a little over a year, his package dedicated to key accounts already represents 10% of its turnover.  More details on our website.  

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