To stay competitive in a technologically and data driven world, it is imperative that you keep all of your telecoms up to date. Phone systems have advanced at the same rate as computers over the last 10 years; yet people are unaware of the failings that reside in not regularly reviewing your communications. You wouldn't work with computer software or hardware that is 10 years' old, so why should your telephone system be any different?Whether you're after a system that can sit on site under your watchful eye or an outsourced solution located in the Cloud, there is a phone to benefit every individual business and budget.Assessing your needs • Commercial Telephone Systems Find us at telephone systems western ma.
Many commercial businesses including; retail, trade, office, leisure or entertainment services have long discovered the value of the commercial business phone system. But, as many commercial businesses suffered through the grip of recession the question now is; how can you update with little extra cost, time and effort?Phone systems have evolved to be cost effective and although many still think that it is only large operational companies that can afford to keep and maintain them, this is simply not true anymore. Small shops, salons, offices and any commercial entities from 1 to over 1,000 employees and phone agents can find an IP or PBX phone to suit their needs.• Corporate Telephone Systems
If you're a corporate company then no doubt you are after a bespoke solution to really add to your bottom line. Most corporate businesses are looking for remote working functionality, mobility, convergence, and technology/telephony that makes the working day easier. However, if, like many, you are a corporate that refuses to part with legacy solutions, then providers such as Elite Telecom can advise you on how best to approach your tailored package.Hundreds of banks, government bodies and agencies and small to large corporations are beginning to implement Hosted business phone systems - linking multiple sites, providing clearer lines and converging voice and data.• Office Telephone Systems
Telephone solutions for offices often require high numbers of lines and extensions, with thousands of features and applications for in house agents and home workers. Small offices with all agents located in one site commonly benefit from hardware solutions. On site equipment is yours to keep, giving you more control over your system.Offices with multiple sites and a large spread of staff will most likely benefit from hosted or on-premise VoIP solutions where access to the phone system is guaranteed wherever there is a compatible internet connection.Moving your office phone system to the cloud and investing in hosted telephony or IP based telecoms means doing away with most of the hardware kept on site. This may seem daunting at first but ultimately it can actually be very beneficial; there is very little to no installation, minimum business disruption and no management overheads for you.Types of phone systems • What are Hosted Telephone Systems?
Hosted telephones for businesses remove the need for on site hardware and physical ISDN lines as you get guaranteed, uncontested access to your system via the Cloud. This means that your phone system becomes accessible via data circuits usually reserved for the internet.To keep it simple, instead of having your PBX and servers sat on-site, you get dedicated space on outsourced servers to run your phone system. These servers are maintained and looked after by a reputable provider, who keeps them locked in highly secure data centres, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.Hosted systems are licenced on a per user basis per month, doing away with upfront costs and annual maintenance contracts. You don't need to worry about how big your company is going to be in five years' time either, as it is much more flexible and future proof than your standard PBX.• What are PBX Telephone Systems?
Some companies find it difficult to part with hardware completely, others keep things on site for their own peace of mind, but traditional PBXs shouldn't be completely dismissed as the traditional alternative. For smaller companies operating out of one building, the PBX phone system can be just as beneficial as a virtual system.Both a PBX phone system and a hosted phone system come with advantages to any businesses and ultimately it is about assessing your individual needs to determine which you could advance with the most.• What are VoIP Telephone Systems?National provider Elite Telecom famously dubbed the VoIP phone as 'the recession's favourite phone system' and this undoubtedly remains true.VoIP is an increasingly popular solution for start-ups, SMEs and large corporations looking to cut costs as the technology is cheaper, easier and more flexible to manage. You don't have to be a telecoms or IT expert to figure out how it works.VoIP solutions use the internet as the basis for the company phone system. Calls are sent through the internet rather than through traditional lines, which is great for mobility as it means that you are able to use your office phone system wherever there is an internet connection. On premise VoIP is different to a hosted phone system, as on premise VoIP still requires for you to keep some hardware on-site - your IP PBX box.Business VoIP offers Quality of Service (QoS) that is higher and incomparable to traditional lines, as long as you have the right connectivity solution in place.    More on this website.       

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