More than a thousand varieties of palms are found in the United States, and all these are available in the market as seedlings, potted plants or fully grown trees that can be directly transplanted to your home. Buying at each stage of tree growth requires special care to see it to its maturity. tree care houston for details. Even fully-grown palm trees are pruned and shipped to homes, where the new owners can replant them in their gardens. Palm seedlings can be purchased from horticultural nurseries and grown in containers until they are ready to be repotted outdoors. Potted plants in containers that are ready to be transferred to your garden can also be purchased from palm tree farms or ordered online.The United States has many palm tree farms and nurseries that cultivate and sell palm trees and its products. The International Palm Society has more than thousand members in 81 countries that grow, care for and trade palm trees. Some important members include, Anderson's Seed Co, Jungle Music Palms and Cycads and the Prime Palm.  Anderson's Seed Company develops many exotic varieties of palm seeds including Howea, Wallichia, Zamia fischeri and furfuracae, Archontophoenix and Lantania. The Jungle Music Palms and Cycads in California sell seeds and boxed specimens of palm trees. They also sell fully-grown, ready-to-landscape palm trees.Since there is a huge market for fully grown palm trees, there are also quite a number of agencies who remove palms from places where they cause obstructions and then ship them off to different locations to be replanted.  is one of these companies and sell Canary Island Date palms and Butia palms. Sun Palm trees develops and grows palm varieties that are cold hardiest and best suited to South West American climates. They are wholesale and retail dealers of cold hardy palm trees in California, Florida, Texas, Houston and Dallas. Their landscaping division has design experts who can recommend the palms best suited for your area. Click for details on our website.          

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