Today I want to talk about Twitter and how you are able to get 20,000 MLM prospects in just over a month. Let me explain that I actively starting building my Twitter account just 30 days ago and have grown my follower list to over 20K. These are the steps I used to start building my Twitter follower group of MLM prospects.1)    Check out Buy Twitter followers cheap. Pick a username that aligns to your MLM business and your marketing strategy. If you are in network marketing (MLM) or affiliate marketing you need to select a username that will make people, your MLM Prospects, feel you are a leader/mentor that they should follow. Some MLM pros suggest you use your own name as your brand and that is fine as long as you can develop a way to get people to see you as a leader/mentor they should follow.2)    Search for MLM pros within your target MLM prospects group using Twitter search functionality and begin following them. When you are starting your follower list you need to begin the process by selecting someone who has a lot of followers and begin following those followers.3)    Cultivate a large number of quality tweets for your followers to study. These should be content rich tweets that would benefit all MLM Pros. Keep your marketing to a one in five tweets or even one in ten tweets to make sure you are providing a huge amount of content to your followers. Twitter is like all social media platforms where indirect marketing works best.4)    To get the extraordinary numbers of MLM Prospects that follow you quickly you will want to employ an automated program such as or For the price and features I feel that TweetAdder is a better value for most MLM pros who are interested in building a significant list of followers whom they consider MLM Prospects.5)    Work the program every day. Set up automated tweets and automatic following so that you stay within the restrictions set up by Twitter but are building every day. The Twitter system will keep you within the 1.1 to 1 (following versus followers) ratio so there is no reason why MLM pros must not maximize your MLM Prospects list using the targeting inside the API systems of TweetAdder and using these 5 steps and by providing quality content there is no reason why you cannot build your Twitter MLM prospects list to over 20K per month. MLM Pros and new users alike can use Twitter to find followers easily and effectively using TweetAdder or SocialOomph automated systems.   Find us on our website on this link.        

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