Any time you attend a new venue or need to have your trade show booth set up in a location you aren't familiar with, it's best to work carefully with the venue managers/event planners every step of the way so that you can take advantage of their expertise. These days, most venues request or require that all of the vendors use the same Install and Dismantle company. Communicating clearly with the I&D team is critical to the proper set-up of any custom trade show stands, but you can't simply send them a set of instructions and expect them to flawlessly install your trade show banner stands, table top displays and modular units. Find more at discount display booth. Here are a few tips for making sure that everything is done correctly the first time and that your company and the installation and dismantle team work seamlessly together.Details: Paperwork And Lots Of ItBe sure before shipping your custom trade show displays to various venues that you have a complete, detailed inventory of the contents of every box shipped. Boxes can become separated during shipment or damaged. You need to let the team on the receiving end of your shipment have a complete manifest detailing how many crates and skids they should be expecting and what is in each and every container, right down to the number of screws. Don't forget to itemize elements such as company brochures, tablets, signage and giveaways as well. The more detailed your paperwork, the easier it will be for the I&D team to keep track of everything. It will also make it simpler for them to let you know what's missing if a container doesn't arrive. Bring copies of all this paperwork with you as well so that you can quickly refer to it when you arrive to give your booth a pre-event checkup. Without a detailed inventory, it can be easy for installers to overlook banner stands and other elements of your display that didn't arrive at the right place at the right time.Instructions That Leave Nothing To ChanceOnce again, detail is critical. There is no such thing as set-up instructions that are too detailed. Be sure the I&D team receives a copy of the installation and dismantle instructions about a week before you arrive for the actual event. Keep in mind that the team will probably be setting up numerous displays. If your instructions and your shipment arrive early, you're less likely to be the last, rushed job they do right before the trade show floor is open for business.Understand The Venue When Installing Custom Trade Show DisplaysBe sure you understand the limitations of the venue as well as any special considerations you'll need to address when your trade show booth installers are setting up. If you don't know whether the electrical power is supplied by drop-down cords from above or floor runs, you could end up without power because you didn't bring the appropriate extension cords or power strips. If you aren't familiar with the venue floor and where your booth will be within that area, you could end up sitting between trade show banner stands that can't be seen clearly because the set-up is all wrong or you simply didn't provide appropriate lighting.Don't Forget About Tear-Down InstructionsIt's easy to forget about what happens after the trade show is over. Don't assume that the same I&D team that set your booth up will also be dismantling it. There should be detailed, precise directions for the dismantle that also outlines how to properly pack, crate and ship everything to the next location or back to your company. Double check the shipping address and make sure any needed shipping paperwork is properly filled out so that your custom displays aren't lost or damaged in shipping after the event is over.By carefully outlining and detailing every aspect of shipping, installing and dismantling your custom displays, you can ensure there are no unpleasant trade show booth surprises to deal with and no damage to any of the elements of your display from trade show banner stands to giveaways.  Click here to find details on this source.         

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