Every hunter finds that they are having difficulty finding squirrels now and then. Even the most seasoned hunters can find themselves in a rut. So what is a hunter to do to get back on track? Sometimes, a few simple tips and tricks passed on from a fellow hunter can increase your game. Today, we will be that fellow hunter and we will pass on to you four tips that are sure to have an impact on your hunting success. For details, please visit Hunting. Every hunter has a secret tip or two that he/she can share. When hunters share these secrets there are a few that seem to pop up again and again. We have compiled a list of four tips which are often asked about when discussing hunting strategy. Hopefully one or two of them can help take your next hunting experience to another level.TIP #1:
Draw your gun and brace yourself facing in the general direction of the potential target. Vigorously rub two quarters together to generate a sound similar to their "cutting" noise. This can be achieved by simply scrapping 2 quarters together (one ribbed edge across the other ribbed edge). Squirrels are often very territorial and may expose themselves to see what's going on in their territory.Extra Tip: Consider utilizing the quarter trick even after shooting and missing. If you know the squirrel is nearby but hiding in a hole or on the backside of the tree. Sit and wait a couple of minutes and rub the quarters together. You just might be surprised how often they'll emerge from hiding to investigate.TIP #2:
Sometimes, if you spook a squirrel, it will get on the backside of the tree and flatten against the trunk becoming virtually invisible to you. One technique to remedy this problem is to take up a position where you can take a shot promptly and toss a stick or large rock to the other side of the tree. Often, the squirrel thinks you have moved around to that side of tree and will try to move and hide on the side that you are actually on letting you take your shot.TIP #3:
Often times squirrel hunting is dependent on good old fashioned accuracy. Consider carrying a shooting stick which might do wonders for your shooting accuracy, especially if you aren't near a tree that you can use as a support. Plus, it can double as a sturdy walking stick to help you to navigate terrain safer.TIP #4:
Sometimes the most effective way to find plentiful squirrels is to go to where people commonly hunt for deer. The reason behind this is, if you're hunting on property that is also used for deer hunting, people often put out feeders for the deer and squirrels see this as an easy food source and are often in the area in good numbers.Try a couple of these tips out and see if they have a positive impact on your hunting success.   Visit my website for additional details.          

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