Now, the majority of the world's uniform is green (grass green, dark green or yellow center-green). Why is invariably toward green development? This is the lesson from the actual summed up. The late 19th century, the British imperialists launched the war of aggression against South Africa. More details at jackets south africa.  At that time, South Africa has one called "Boolean" white people, they are not willing to own the land subject to the ravages of foreign invaders, organized armed resistance. Boolean less the strength of ethnic war, the British population, both strength contrast is 1:5.     Boers defeat early in the war. British count on a large potential Zhuang, arrogant move forward. Boers through a period of observation, found that there is a great feature of the British, wearing a red  military clothingmilitary clothing , in South Africa, the forest green background, especially prominent, and therefore vulnerable to exposure to action, Boolean, be inspired from here, and immediately put his own changed to grass green clothing, guns are also painted green. As a result, the Bolsheviks took advantage of the green background of dense jungle grass cover, the British are not easy to find Boers, while the Boer people are very easy to find the British, they are often undetected close to the British, suddenly attacked, fought the British by surprise, the British could not find target.         The war, British casualties 90000 people, suffered heavy losses. "Before the car overturned cars commandment," the lessons of the British in South Africa, and soon in many countries the military lessons. Under field conditions in order to better cover the military action, people first start from the clothing to continuously improve the color of uniforms, as far as possible with those close to the natural color of the background. In this way, the world's armed forces although the garment forms vary widely, but the color tone on the green but gradually unified. Of course, all things are not absolute. From the perspective of the concealment and camouflage, military jacketsmilitary jackets , the color can not be confined to the green. In many cases, the natural background is not green, which requires a background in accordance with prevailing local conditions, flexible and reasonable choice clothing color. As in the snow, only a white background can be coordinated; in the sea, with only the blue can be integrated; in the desert land, only brown and background closer comparison.   Find us on this website

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