Have you ever thought about hiring an SEO expert to help your website get ahead in the rankings game? There are literally thousands of people and companies these days that are claiming to be SEO experts, but how do you pick the real from the fakes?If you've found one that you think looks okay, see how they rank on Google or another search engine. You would think that a company or person claiming to be an SEO expert would have optimized their own website. More at seo expert. If they don't rank well, this is probably a good reflection of their SEO success. If the company doesn't rank at all, they have probably been banned or blacklisted for utilizing SEO spamming techniques, which search engines don't look very highly upon.When you have a phone conversation or meeting with the SEO expert, listen for promises of guarantees of page rankings - this should raise alarm bells. There is absolutely no way to determine exactly where a website is going to end up in any given search engine, so if the 'expert' is promising to get you number one or top ten ranking for a particular keyword, they are either lying to you or have no idea what they are doing.If the SEO expert says that they don't want to change your website, or at least take a look at it before deciding, then this is also a good indicator that they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to optimization. Good SEO requires that all the content on a website by optimized with keyword rich content and, if you have written your website content yourself, chances are it will need to be rewritten.Ask the expert how they know when the SEO for your website is starting to become successful. If they give you answer such as "by the amount of traffic", "by the number of page views", or "by your page rank", then this person is no more an SEO expert than you are. The correct answer to this question is "by the conversion rate". SEO success is judged by the amount of people visiting your website versus those who are buying or engaging your services.If you can receive good, honest answers from a company or person regarding SEO, as well as testimonials and samples of previous work, then it is likely you have found yourself an expert. If you are ever in any doubt, then it is better to keep searching for a better SEO consultant.   Click here for more details.        

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