Valentines Day is for kids too! Valentines Day is the perfect time to teach your child about love, kindness and appreciation. We've got some great ideas to try this Valentines Day to keep you and your toddler busy all day long!Discuss:Explain to your toddler what Valentines Day in. Find details at Valentine's Day. Tell him that it's a chance to celebrate love. Start by making a list of who loves him. Daddy and Mommy will probably top the list, but encourage him to think deeper - Grandparents, aunts, caregivers and friends should all be written down. You can encourage him to come up with people by saying "Who loved you so much that they got you the most awesome bike for Christmas?". Now tell him that you are going to show your love by sending them a card that will make them so happy.Craft:Keep your card making simple. Cut out red hearts and give her stickers, dot art, paint, crayons or markers to decorate it as she sees fit. Then head out and hand deliver them or drop it in a mailbox.Bake:Dig out your sugar cookie recipe and make some heart shaped cookies. Kids love to bake, so your toddler is sure to be delighted with this one! You can decorate it with red frosting, red sprinkles or edible markers. Hand deliver some to Grandma or a friend to get them smiling!Play:The night before Valentines Day cut out a bunch of multi-colored hearts. Hide them around the house and have him find them. You can hide them among his toddler toys, in the cabinets or under the bed. Make sure the hiding spots are age appropriate and get him exciting by cheering every time he finds one. When you are done you can paste them on an oaktag to hang in his room for a fabulous Valentines Day souvenir!     Click here for details on our website.      

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